Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sachin Ramesh TONdulkar

The inaugural speech would have been proof read at least a hundred times before Obama delivered it in the White House... Kamal Hasan would have used Glycerin and several re-takes for that Mahanadi Sona Gazi ... We never knew how many were scrapped,before Leonardo came up with the final Monalisa...My stupid boss runs his silly PPTs several times before presenting it to a drove of high paid asses. My backspace suffered a lot for the last few lines...Unlike all of us, Sachin Tendulkar lives in 'Real - Time' . Just a frac of a sec err. A couple of stumps & a million hearts will be dislocated. That makes him so special. Wishing him on his 169th Test appearance ...

A lethal Waqar left him bleeding on his debut…“Go back to your country and suck Milk” read a banner… He denied ...And became a God..The very spectator may seldom witness a test match @ his home and is begging for England’smercy after 1947….#Irony #LifeIsLikeThat.

I remember my good old school days, when Anwar and Sachin raced each other in ODI tons.. 12..13..14..Our classroom desks would still read...Halfway down their careers, the former decided to preach while the later became a 'God' himself. And Mr.Ponting , you tried to prove something in Tests ...But.....

Endulkar?.. Big Elephant in the dressing room whom none wants to talk about ?.. Mirror Mirror?.. Given his form in the last couple of years , Every #Sachin fanatic would now love to have 1000 middle fingers ..!!

Stop the homework,switchoff the TV,go & play!Leave the TV room,go for a fag!!Logged of the PC walking towrds Breakout Area!!!Tradition Continues....#Sachinon90s

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