Who am I?

2001 - Reproductive system of Frog, Excretory system of Cockroach.
2003 - Structure of Benzene, Tangent-Chord theorem
2007 - ISDN structuring, Wireless, Image processing, 8085, 8051.
2009 - Projects, Commissioning sites, Selling power equipments
2011 - 4Ps, 4Cs, Consumer Behaviour,Working capital, POMs
2013 - Is a Question mark !?!?

Actually clueless!

Listens to books, Reads Music
Filter coffee
Ilayaraja & Yuvan
Carries a 120Gb iPod.
Has collector's edition of tracks.
Watches Director's cut.
Loves Idli and Tomato Chutney.
Any form of Chicken and Dosa.
Adobe photoshop
Facebook hater
Twitter addict
Sachin, Vijay fanatic.
Ajit, Ganguly... Enga andha kalla edu.
Sometimes loves Pablo Neruda
Always Vairamuthu, Na.Mu & Thaamarai
Occasionally listens to English and Hindi
தமிழ் ஆர்வலன்.
एक गाव में एक किसान रागु तातता

Summing up
An INJF personality in Briggs Myers Test

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